Developer documentation

Advanced node info

The JIPipe API allows the generation of node types during the registration process via a custom JIPipeNodeInfo objects (node info objects contain all basic information of a node and are basically definitions of node types).

The standard mode of registering a new node type via registerNodeType(id, class, icon) utilizes JIPipeJavaNodeInfo. Custom node info types can be created to for example generate new node types based on ImageJ plugins or registered data types.

To create a custom info, inherit from JIPipeNodeInfo. The most important functions are clone() and newInstance().

Register the info either via a direct call to registerNodeType(JIPipeNodeInfo).

Alternatively, if your nodes rely on dependencies, define an object that inherits from JIPipeNodeRegistrationTask. You can inherit from the default implementation JIPipeDefaultNodeRegistrationTask that comes with pre-made functionality to check for common dependencies. The reason behind using a task is that some algorithm-internal classes might require that data types or annotation types are already registered.