Here you can find the list of all tutorials. If you are new, we recommend to begin with the basic tutorial about adding and running nodes.

Recommended tutorial for beginners

Adding and running nodes

Explains how to add new nodes into a project and use them to load an image file. Afterwards, the project is saved.

Working with the cache: managing and exporting

Explains how to manage the cache and export cached data into the standard JIPipe format.

Working with the cache: generating and displaying

Illustrates how to cache node results to the memory and how to browse through the generated data

Working with annotations: filtering

Explains the processes of annotating with image properties, and filtering based on annotations

Working with annotations: branching

Explains further detail about filtering by annotations, including adding and editing slots, and implementing branching processing pathways

Working with annotation: modifying and merging

Explains how to modify the set of annotations

Splitting a multi-channel image

Explains how to split a multi-channel image to enable a dedicated processing pipeline per channel.

Setting LUT and extracting image properties

Explains how to read and modify physical image dimensions. Additionally, this tutorial explains how to apply look-up tables

Recovering project backups

JIPipe features a backup tool that automatically saves your opened projects into a dedicated directory. This tutorial shows how to restore a backup if needed.

Quantification and plotting

Explains how to add new nodes via the algorithm finder into a project and use them to import an image file.