ImageJ update site

ImageJ update site

  • An update site allows you to easily update JIPipe to newer versions with one click. It requires from you to have an existing installation of ImageJ. The ImageJ update site system will also keep your installation of JIPipe up-to-date with one click.

Open ImageJ and go to Help > Update. In Manage update sites activate


Also activate


Detailed installation instructions

Step 1

Please download and install Fiji if you do not have it installed yet. You can find the download by visiting the official Fiji website.

To ensure the Fiji works correctly, please follow the official installation instructions as published on the ImageJ wiki.

Step 2

Start Fiji and navigate to Help > Update …

  • If you started Fiji the first time, you might get some additional information about the software and a request to update the tool. Just close these windows.

Step 3

Click Manage update sites and search for the JIPipe entry. Select the checkbox next to JIPipe. Proceed to close the update site manager window.


If you want to get JIPipe running faster, also activate the “ImageScience” and “IJPB-plugins” entries.

Step 4

Click Apply changes and wait until the download is finished.

  • You have to restart Fiji after the plugin installation has succeeded

Continue by following our guide on how to do the first start of JIPipe: