Version 1.75.1

Version 1.75.1

Image processing

Various nodes that generate statistics on labels

  • Node “Merge 2D slices into hyperstack” (inverse operation of “Split into 2D slices”). Intended for more advanced filtering of hyperstack slices.
  • Node “Merge small labels” (merges labels with a low number of pixels into a neighboring label index)
  • Node “Key/Value Histogram 5D”
  • Node “Key/Value threshold statistics 5D”
  • Node “Key/Value statistics 5D (fast averages)”
  • Node “Key/Value threshold statistics 5D (fast averages)”
  • Convolve operators now have normalization parameter
  • Convolve operators now support RGB images (same behavior as ImageJ)

Data processing

Node “Filter by annotation” (more compact version of “Split & filter by annotation” that applies the same operation)


  • New function STRING_FORMAT (C-style string formatting)
  • New function NUM (Alternative to TO_NUMBER)
  • Expressions that return numbers: valid numeric strings are automatically converted to numbers (before there was an exception if not a Number type is returned)
  • Escaping of expressions did not work as expected (errors if sub-strings contained spaces)

User interface

  • New “Memory” menu in the status bar that contains all memory-related operations (before was only a gear icon)
  • “Reduce memory” moved into the “Memory” menu
  • Number editor behaved erratically in non-english locales (now uses the advanced number parser capable of parsing NA and infinity)

Bugfixes and small improvements

Please refer to the commits in the JIPipe GitHub repository to find a list of all bugfixes and improvements.

  • Various expression-based nodes now support custom expression variables: Filter labels by statistics, Filter ROI by statistics, Change ROI properties (Expression), Set ROI metadata by statistics (expression), Sort ROI list (expression)
  • Numeric function expression now appropriately sets the default variable
  • Crop 2D node: expression variables are now all annotated
  • “Examples” panel now always shown
  • Data processing: empty data batches are removed/ignored (only affects nodes with optional inputs)
  • Various exceptions caused by the “Data batches” panel
  • Image viewer: Movie/sequence export was not adhering to magnification level (cut-off images)
  • Users were able to enable ROI/Mask for “Bright spots segmentation 2D”, “Hessian segmentation 2D” and “Internal gradient segmentation 2D”. Users are now advised to build a custom set of nodes (documentation was added)